Originally    from    Portsmouth,    Roger    Bush    taught    music    in    primary    and    secondary    schools    in    the Yorkshire   Dales   from   1970   until   his   retirement   in   2009.      He   has   been   organist   of   St.   Andrew’s   Parish Church   in   the   village   of   Dent   since   1971.      He   will   be   known   to   thousands   of   children   worldwide   through his   highly   successful   songbook,   ‘The   Jolly   Herring’   published   in   1980.     The   music   edition   only   went   out of   print   in   2012.      Also   published   in   1980   was   another   very   successful   collection   of   music   books   called     ‘Abracadabra   Recorder’,   which   still   remains   in   print   although,   sadly,   the   original   cover   design   featuring the   magician   has   been   replaced   by   something   very   bland.      These   are   a   set   of   well-known   graded   tunes for   children   and   adults   learning   to   play   the   recorder.   The   books   were   published   by   A.   &   C.   Black,   now Bloomsbury Publishing. Recently   published   by   Animus   Music   -   www.animusi.co.uk    -   are   a   set   of   variations   he   composed   on   a little-known   tune   to   ‘The   Holly   and   the   Ivy’   from   the   first   edition   of   ‘Christmas   Carols,   New   and   Old’ by   Bramley   and   Stainer.      This   wonderful   old   French   tune   received   a   worldwide   audience   as   part   of   the 2010   Festival   of   Nine   Lessons   and   Carols   from   King’s   College,   Cambridge   in   a   new   arrangement   by   the Australian organist and composer June Nixon.  King’s College, 2010    Listen to the Variations Roger   gave   an   organ   recital   in   September   2010   on   the   world’s   largest   outdoor   organ   in   the   Fortress   of Kufstein   in   the   Austrian   Tyrol.      You   can   read   a   description   of   this   strange   and   unique   instrument   in   his article published in ‘The Organ’ magazine shortly afterwards.  Heldenorgel  
Roger Bush